Invisible Women
A review of

Invisible Women

Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Gender Disparities

by David Meyer

Human rights activist Caroline Criado Perez, OBE, offers a detailed critique – which she backs with numerous studies – of how male norms permeate society to the detriment of women.

Although information rules today’s world, data sources and analysis are not gender-balanced. Human rights activist Caroline Criado Perez explains that the gap in data about women and the “male default” in data analysis produce devastating consequences in women’s lives, such as UK doctors misdiagnosing 50% of women having heart attacks.

Perez offers a feminist manifesto for the tech age, a suggested feminist revolution in data. She supports her findings with numerous, detailed real-world examples and studies from the United States, United Kingdom and other nations. Perez’s wake-up call to data scientists, social scientists and policymakers reveals the real-world effects of not collecting and analyzing data about women. 

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    C. K. 2 years ago
    Great book for a data driven company... we must make sure our models and analysis are not highly impacted by gender bias, as well as pay attention to the details and differences.