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Cyber Incident Response summary
Organizations need to be on guard against external and internal cyberthreats.


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More than half of surveyed firms admit to being just “somewhat prepared” to counter a cyberthreat, suggesting that most organizations don’t fully understand the digital perils they face. To help evade such hazards, technology journalist Clint Witchalls has compiled this concise analysis, which not only covers the landscape of cyberreadiness in global businesses but also offers advice from top security experts on corporate responses to these threats. getAbstract recommends this report to all senior executives and to professionals responsible for information security.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How organizations are responding to the increasing number of cyberthreats,
  • How most companies don’t fully understand the threats they face, and
  • What defenses firms can mount against both internal and external cyberevents.


Hackers besieged US retailer Target in 2013, stealing the credit card information of almost one-third of all Americans. “Data breaches and denial of service attacks” have become so common that the media report only the major incidents. Such events hurt organizations, especially “data-intensive industries...
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About the Author

Clint Witchalls is a science and technology journalist and a former senior editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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