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What Top Executives Must Know to Go from Pain to Gain

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IT Savvy book summary
Your IT system is a crucial component of your business strategy, yet most strategists don’t really know how to use it.


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This useful book is clearly written and sharply focused; it stays right on message. As its subtitle indicates and its writing style reflects, executives are its target audience. Peter Weill and Jeanne W. Ross, researchers at the MIT’s Sloan School of Management, provide the data leaders need to manage, fund and update their IT programs – information they gathered during field research at more than 1,000 companies. They sketch broad concepts, but don’t shy away from a high level of abstraction. You may have to do some additional work before making decisions about realigning your IT structures, but this will position you to know what to consider. getAbstract recommends this book to every executive, since all top managers now must learn to thrive in an increasingly digital world and to understand information technology (IT) strategy. It will also assist IT specialists who must work with managers who are still building their strategic know-how for the digital age.

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