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Managing IT as a Business book summary
Your company can get full business value from information technology - but only if you run IT in a businesslike way.


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In the fall of 2003, the Harvard Business Review published an article advancing the proposition that "IT doesn’t matter." The article’s author suggested that because IT was now a commodity, and everyone had it, it no longer conveyed any distinctive competitive advantage and therefore, strategically, did not matter. In fact, at many companies, IT doesn’t matter as much as it should - not because it is a commodity that other companies also use, but because most companies don’t get every potential benefit from their IT. To advance your business agenda effectively, make IT a real part of the business. Author Mark D. Lutchen shows managers, particularly CEOs and CIOs, why IT is not fully a part of business at the moment, and what it will take to turn IT into a competitive, strategic asset. recommends this useful, well-written, clearly organized book to anyone whose job involves decisions on IT budgets, organization, investments or strategy.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to get the most from your company’s information technology (IT) efforts;
  • How to make IT part of every facet of your business and
  • Why this is profitable.


IT Spending and Investment
The newly appointed chief information officer (CIO) at a major corporation wrote a memo that stressed these points: Information technology (IT) investments and development lacked strategic vision. IT expenditures were diffuse and uncoordinated...
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About the Author

Mark D. Lutchen is the former global CIO of PriceWaterhouseCoopers and currently leads that firm’s Business Risk Management Initiative.

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