Summary of Strategic Procurement

Organizing Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

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Strategic Procurement book summary
Spending is hard, buying is harder: Supply Chain Management 101.


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Believe it or not, logistics can be exciting, especially when presented in a flowing, concise essay spiced with case studies and examples from the author’s experience. Procurement specialist Caroline Booth makes her points clearly through great organization, vivid stories and effective charts. While some chapters would benefit from some refined editing, readers can appreciate and implement her message about the importance of procurement. Managers can easily follow Booth’s suggestions on using third-party providers to complement their businesses’ core activities. getAbstract considers this valuable reading for senior executives and supply chain managers who want to elevate the role of procurement and make their firms more profitable.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How your company can use third-party suppliers to improve its business operations,
  • How to select the best suppliers and
  • How to think strategically about procurement.


Know Your Suppliers
A supply chain is a sequence of activities that delivers a product or service to an internal or external recipient. In some cases, suppliers assist other suppliers. Procurement is a big part of most companies’ budgets, but many senior executives have no idea how much...
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About the Author

Procurement specialist Caroline Booth has worked internationally for Shell and Ernst & Young.

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