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Building the Strongest Total Business Network

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Supply Chain Optimization book summary
You are only as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain.


7 Overall

7 Applicability

8 Innovation

4 Style


Authors Charles C. Poirier and Stephen E. Reiter envision a trip down your supply chain like an effortless sail on calm seas. Your organization can reach this placid efficiency, they explain, by forming partnerships with suppliers and others in your business network. But the authors don’t ask you to take their word; instead they present detailed case studies of companies that have implemented supply-chain optimization strategies and reaped prodigious benefits. The book’s only flaw is its style. It is densely written and often weighed down by prose as murky as a rural delivery system and twice as difficult to penetrate. But recommends that business owners, corporate managers, executives and logisticians of all levels take the time required to patiently excavate the practical and pragmatic information that lies within.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What a supply chain is;
  • How you can optimize it; and
  • What improvements you can realize through partnering.


The Supply Chain
A supply chain is the journey your products or services take from concept and creation through delivery to your customers’ outlets and, finally, into the hands of your ultimate consumers.

Today, businesses are under extreme pressure to find new and more ...
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About the Authors

Charles C. Poirier is a partner in the National Supply Chain Practice of Computer Science Corporation. He is the author of Business Partnering for Continuous Improvement and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Total Quality Management Stephen E. Reiter is a partner in the National Consumer Goods Practice of Computer Sciences Corporation, focusing on information technology.

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