Summary of The Death of Innovation, the End of Growth

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The Death of Innovation, the End of Growth summary
The fuel for economic growth is radical innovation. Is the next generation up to the challenge?


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Whether you consider him a pessimist or a realist, macroeconomist Robert Gordon has carefully studied the potential for continued economic growth in the US and deemed it dismal. He bases his outlook on an analysis of four growth-slowing “headwinds” and the concept that future innovations must rival the game-changing inventions of the 20th century. getAbstract highly recommends this intelligent, albeit grim, lecture on the future of growth.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What four factors are slowing fiscal growth,
  • Why modern innovations must continue to be as groundbreaking as those of the 20th century and
  • Why rivaling such innovations will be an enormous challenge.


Has economic growth in America peaked? An
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About the Speaker

Robert Gordon is a respected economist and professor at Northwestern University.

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