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Investors are taking note of companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and incorporating those facets into their asset decisions. In this edition of the Invest Like the Best podcast, host Patrick O’Shaughnessy engages Katherine Collins, head of sustainable investing at Putnam Investments, in a robust discussion of ESG. They explore its aims, components and potential results. Investors, executives and financial professionals interested in ESG strategies will discover a reservoir of knowledge in this wide-ranging interview.


Business sustainability issues are rapidly becoming integral to investors’ decisions.

Investors put capital into companies with the expectation of a profitable return. The traditional model follows a simple construct: Stakeholders base their decisions on financial metrics and with a “money-in-money-out” mind-set. Now the investing community has begun to embrace a new model for decision making, one that focuses on the long-term viability of a company and that links results with business practices. 

Corporate economic, social and governance (ESG) components are the nonfinancial aspects of a business. They are the cause-and-effect connections needed for producing profits. The...

About the Podcast

Patrick O’Shaughnessy, host of the Invest Like the Best podcast, is the CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. Katherine Collins manages the sustainable investing practice at Putnam Investments.

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