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This book is a practical guide for anyone charged with implementing a knowledge management (KM) system. At first glance, some practitioners may think the book is too basic. They may assume that they already know everything, or that all they have to do is replicate what other firms are doing. Other readers may feel so overwhelmed with the task of knowledge management that they will welcome any advice. Business trainer Christee Gabour Atwood’s book can help knowledge management professionals on every level. She stresses the need for a customized system, built largely on the input of the employees who hold most of an organization’s knowledge. This quick, easy read offers insightful suggestions and lists of tips about every step of implementing a KM system. Even if this book serves you only as a review, getAbstract finds that its information is comprehensive. In fact, you could easily convert it to checklists to guide you through the KM process.


What Is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management (KM) is a dynamic system that companies use to identify important information, collect it from those who possess it, store it and share it with others. Companies use such information to improve their processes, customer relations, decision making, employee morale, performance, profits and, in some cases, regulatory compliance. A good knowledge management system will enable you to consolidate your firm’s internal expertise and to garner as much useful information as possible, such as the knowledge of retiring employees. Follow these 10 basic rules to implement a comprehensive KM system:

Rule One: KM “Must Address...People, Process and Technology”

Everyone in a company should share his or her knowledge for the benefit and profit of the organization. To make this possible, the company must have a system for organizing and storing data for easy retrieval and use. And the firm must set procedures to maintain the system. For leadership in marshalling the right procedures, personnel and equipment, turn to the person who heads learning for your organization or employ a professional KM system administrator. Create a...

About the Author

Christee Gabour Atwood is a speaker, trainer and knowledge management adviser.

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