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Leadership consultant Bill Treasurer once led a high-diving team that put on exhibitions. To get the results he wanted, he routinely bullied the divers on his team. That changed when one diver called him out. “If you keep talking down to us,” the diver told Treasurer, “I’ll walk.” This was the kick in the backside Treasurer needed to transform from being a bad leader to being a good one. Now a stand-up leader with no boot marks on his behind, Treasurer explains why a leader sometimes needs a good jolt to get on the right path. If you consider the book’s title offensive, be warned: vulgar terms crop up often. getAbstract recommends Treasurer’s smart, useful guidance to those learning to lead and to experienced leaders who need inspiration, a refresher course or a swift kick.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why every leader occasionally needs a swift kick,
  • Why being told about your mistakes is essential to leadership growth, and
  • What characteristics define good and bad leaders.

About the Author

Bill Treasurer is the “chief encouragement officer” at Giant Leap Consulting, which helps people and organizations become more courageous.



Every Leader Needs an Occasional Kick
Leaders fall into the following two categories: those who have suffered humiliation and those who will. Many times, the agent who delivers a life-changing kick-in-the-pants moment is a leader’s staff member, colleague or boss. This is just one of the...

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    Karishma Samtani 2 years ago
    #30DaysofSummaries It is so true that Great leaders are good people who understand it is not about themselves, but their people. I particularly liked "great leaders must be confident and humble" people do tend to lean towards being leaders like them.
  • Avatar
    DINESH HS 2 years ago
    My takeaway from this summary is that -as humans,leaders make mistakes .Their readiness to stop,relook,learn and move becomes important - and not let ego come on the way.Good summary
  • Avatar
    Jim Getten 2 years ago
    Disagree AA. Anyone who doesn't learn to manage their ego will get and does deserve a figurative 'kick in the ass'. Figuratively not literally.
    • Avatar
      Ashish Agarwal 2 years ago
      Thank you for your comment on my post, much appreciated; although, I sensed a hint of 'ego' in your comment.

      In my understanding, a kick is a kick, and no one deserves it from anyone, less so someone who has chosen to lead. I wouldn't mind 'showing of the mirror' or 'dose of a perspective' but 'kick in the ass' (language?!) is something even this author does not deserve.

      I am only surprised that it has been chosen to be a part of this challenge.
  • Avatar
    Ashish Agarwal 2 years ago
    Of all the selections during week 1, selection of this piece of junk surprises and disappoints. No 'true leader' deserves and hence should ever be 'kicked' for their leadership.
  • Avatar
    Jim Getten 2 years ago
    Great stuff. I'm glad I found this source of information.
  • Avatar
    Chong Park 2 years ago
    The hardest thing for me is to really accept the kick in the ass, to give up my ego and look at me from outside. But I would guess it would be really good on a regular basis.
    Thank you for the soft reminder. #30DaysOfSummaries
  • Avatar
    Muge Kaltalioglu 2 years ago
    "become your own management project; and be brave, aware and present" I liked this approach. It really means a lot

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