Summary of Aligning the Board and Management During Corporate Transformation

An Interview with Berndt Brunow

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 Aligning the Board and Management During Corporate Transformation summary
What can an organization do to transform successfully, and how can its leaders help?


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In this brief interview, Berndt Brunow, speaking with Boston Consulting Group’s Teemu Ruska, offers pearls of wisdom regarding corporate transformation. As a board member for several concerns in Finland and beyond, Brunow is certainly au fait with organizational upheaval, and he dips into his first-hand experiences to present clear, concise advice. getAbstract recommends Brunow’s insightful guidance to executives and corporate leaders who are about to steer their organization through a major transformation.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to manage organizational change,
  • Where challenges are most likely to arise and
  • What factors shape successful transformations.


The first step in achieving a successful corporate transformation is determining the reason for the change. If a crisis triggered the upheaval, your stakeholders’ faith in the organization may have waned. In that case, you might want to rethink the makeup of your board and management team. To guide ...
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About the Speakers

Berndt Brunow is the chairman of the board of Lemminkäinen, a Finnish construction firm. Teemu Ruska is a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group’s Helsinki office.

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