Summary of Becoming a Coaching Leader

The Proven Strategy for Building Your Own Team of Champions

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Becoming a Coaching Leader book summary
Learn to coach your team to personal and business success, and you’ll improve your company by improving lives.


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Would you like to help your team members become more effective, and enjoy their work and personal lives more? Daniel Harkavy teaches you how to do just that by becoming an effective coaching leader. The key to his method is modeling the qualities and behaviors you want to instill in others. To be a coaching leader (and not a mere manager), you need conviction, courage and honesty. By embracing listening and learning, and considering what matters in your life, you can successfully coach people to progress by helping them define their own “Core Four” levels. People who develop a life plan and a business vision, and who manage their priorities, can see how their work contributes to their happiness and sense of purpose. Then, based on their vision statements, they can set clear, purposeful goals that are specific enough to be operational. getAbstract applauds Harkavy’s systematic approach to coaching employees and ultimately adding value to your business.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to identify which kind of leader you are;
  • What a “coaching leader” is; and
  • Why you should use the Core Four coaching model.


Your Life’s Purpose
Business coaching (not to be equated with management consulting) is a fresh approach to fulfilling your life plan and leading others to fulfill theirs as they work within a successful team. It has been growing as a profession over the past few decades, and it takes ...
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About the Author

Daniel Harkavy is founder of the executive coaching firm Building Champions, which coaches business people on improving the quality of their professional and personal lives.

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    Francois Jobin 12 months ago
    This abstract gives you a good insight on which type of leader you are and the strategies that would work the best for you to become a coaching leader.

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