Summary of Big Bang Disruption

Strategy in the Age of Devastating Innovation

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Big Bang Disruption book summary
Innovation is occurring faster than ever before, changing everything. You need to be ready.


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Given their overwhelmingly positive take on the power of digital disruption, authors Larry Downes and Paul Nunes can sound like cheerleaders for Moore’s Law, which holds that the “processing power of the semiconductor” – that is, computer chips – will double in speed every 12 to 24 months.. They methodically discuss digital technology’s ability to disrupt businesses and transform economies, adding descriptions of change in several, highly varied industries. They also explain what “Big Bang Disruption” means for strategic decision making. getAbstract recommends their exploration of abrupt innovation to investors, entrepreneurs, and all those compelled by digital culture, innovation, planning or strategy.

In this book, you will learn

  • How innovation has changed
  • What “Big Bang Disruption” means for your business
  • What the new laws of innovation demand
  • How to survive in the contemporary innovation landscape

About the Authors

Larry Downes, author of Unleashing the Killer App, writes for Forbes and USA Today. Paul Nunes, author of Jumping the S-Curve, is global managing director of research at the Accenture Institute for High Performance.