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Building a Great Place to Work summary
Humanizing the employer-employee relationship is essential to creating a “great place to work.”


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getAbstract invites you to join the audience of a lecture by Robert Levering, an expert on workplace dynamics. While many firms make their employees feel like machines, Levering reintroduces humanity to the workplace and provides solid tips on creating organizations that are “great places to work.” While he’s not a particularly vibrant speaker, his knowledge and commitment to the subject matter are sure to hold your interest.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What characterizes great organizations,
  • How some organizations create an environment of trust and
  • How “gift work” humanizes the employer-employee relationship.


For managers, a “great place to work” meets several criteria: It attains “organizational objectives”; “employees give their personal best”; people “work together as a team or family”; and all this occurs “in an environment of trust.”
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About the Speaker

Robert Levering is the co-founder of the Great Place to Work Institute. He also wrote and co-wrote several books and articles about workplace dynamics.

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