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Communications Skills for Project Managers book summary
On large projects, good communications can unite your team and promote your goals. And bad communications? Don’t ask.


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If you work in a large, complex organization that routinely handles expensive interdepartmental projects, this book is for you. Michael Campbell presents the basics of communications theory with techniques that can improve the interplay among project team members and their stakeholders. Unfortunately, Campbell built the book around a long, detailed case study threaded through the narrative. The hypothetical tale is a noble attempt to personalize methodical project management guidance, but as readers follow the people and job titles in the account, it tends to bog down in jargon, predictability and plodding detail. Indeed, without the case study, the book would still be useful and far more concise. getAbstract recommends this text to serious students of project management’s intricate details and to novice project managers, who will learn necessary strategic lessons about communicating during a complicated, ongoing project.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How project managers can improve their communications programs,
  • How to communicate about the change your project will generate and
  • How to use different communication strategies to help your project meet its goals.


Bridging the Gaps
Companies embark upon projects to elevate their performance. When your project is a technical success but customers don’t understand it and, therefore, don’t use it, your project’s business mission has failed – all due to a communication gap between your firm and its ...
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About the Author

Michael Campbell is the president of the Energy Practice at MCA International. He is the author of Bulletproof Presentations and co-author of the fourth edition of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management.

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