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Developing Great Managers book summary
Managers are too busy and stressed to attend long seminars. Train them in short, interactive, frequent sessions.


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Training managers is a great idea in theory but often not so great in practice. Managers are intensely busy professionals who don’t have any extra time. Lengthy training sessions just put them further behind and add to their stress. Consultant and speaker Lisa Haneberg and the American Society for Training and Development have developed a training approach that avoids those problems. Using their “Power Hour” curriculum, which consists of what they call “learning conversations” about relevant management problems, managers can upgrade their skills quickly. Although not much in this book is new, getAbstract recommends it to management trainers, and to middle and senior managers who are responsible for developing other leaders and management teams, and who want a quick review.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why management training is important
  • Why a series of brief management training sessions is better than one long session
  • What the “Power Hour” training method is and 4) How to plan and organize Power Hour sessions.


Training Managers
Managers are the engines of your business; they keep everything moving toward the destination. If your company is not getting the results you want, your engine may need a tune-up. This is where “Power Hour” training can help. Power Hours are hour-long management training...
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About the Author

Lisa Haneberg is a consultant, speaker and author. Her areas of expertise include leadership, management, and organizational and personal achievement.

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