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How does adventure racer Christian Maurer always seem to finish first? Teamwork.


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Christian Maurer and Thomas Theurillat are the reigning champions and four-time winners of the Red Bull X-Alps, a grueling contest whereby competitors race from Salzburg, Austria, to Monaco – a distance of 1,600 kilometers [1,000 miles] – covering the entire distance only on foot or by paraglider. While Maurer embraces the physical challenge, Theurillat follows by car, providing support, food, water and instructions. getAbstract believes teams across all disciplines can draw important lessons about collaboration and endurance from tales of their exploits.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How a champion adventure-racing team overcomes challenges and
  • How to conquer stress and uncertainty.


Christian Maurer and Thomas Theurillat have won a number of adventure races through the harsh terrain of Europe’s Alps and Pyrenees. The duo’s exhausting, death-defying sport combines paragliding and mountaineering in competitions that can last a week or longer. The team’s various escapades teach several...
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About the Speakers

Christian Maurer is an extreme athlete who has won the Red Bull X-Alps race, an adventure and paragliding competition, four times. Thomas Theurillat is a sports psychologist and mountain guide.

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