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Leaders Don’t Command book summary
Learn to evolve past your fight, flight or freeze response to become a worthy, collaborative leader.


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Leadership scholar and business expert Jorge Cuervo offers a complete package of ideas on how to engage and motivate teams to achieve maximum productivity. He explains why the brain’s antiquated survival mechanisms, like the flight or fight response, and the business world’s old management methods, like command and control, don’t work for today’s leaders or their followers. Cuervo first presented his concepts in Spanish, under the title Mejor liderar que mandar; now English-language readers can benefit from this intriguing translation. Cuervo packs a lot of information into his brief treatise. getAbstract recommends his insightful and practical manual to leaders and those who aspire to lead.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What constitutes leadership;
  • Why biological mechanisms, like flight or fight, and old methods, like command and control, don’t work for today’s leaders;
  • Why sound leadership is relational; and
  • Why leading is always more effective than bossing.


Hardwired Physiological Responses
Today’s uncertain times present tough challenges for managers and their teams. This derives, in part, from human biology and its inherent limitations when dealing with modern business situations. Eons ago, early hominids lacked the sharp teeth, strong...
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About the Author

Jorge Cuervo is a professor at Barcelona Activa, teaching leadership, self-management and change management. He has held senior positions in numerous multinational companies.

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