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Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life

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Make Waves book summary
Become a change agent by committing to a cause and having the courage to rock the boat.


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Instigating change can seem like a daunting task that is best left to business visionaries like Steve Jobs or world leaders like Nelson Mandela. Consultant Patti Johnson believes that anyone at any level of influence can start a powerful change. The secret is to be observant enough to spot openings and proactive enough to take action. When you see a need, you can start an expanding wave that can sweep through your company, your industry, your community and even the whole world. Johnson offers tips on finding opportunities for change and attracting others to your cause, but her book isn’t primarily a step-by-step manual. Instead, along with useful charts and sample questions, she offers inspiring stories and profiles of innovators to show how to cultivate a “Wave Maker” mind-set. getAbstract recommends her invitation to be a change maker to start-up entrepreneurs, problem solvers and leaders who want to cultivate organizational change.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How change in business or society usually starts with one person’s decision to act,
  • How the effects of that action ripple outward like a wave, and
  • How to start your own wave.


Rock the Boat
Change usually starts with questions. An individual looks at the world or even at how his or her company does things and asks, “Why must it be that way?” “What’s the alternative?” When Apple founder Steve Jobs and Netflix’s Reed Hastings asked questions like that and went...
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About the Author

Patti Johnson is the founder and CEO of PeopleResults, a consultancy. She teaches at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and is an instructor for the Bush Institute Women’s Initiative.

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