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Five Competencies for Cultivating Top Talent

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Manager of Choice book summary
To be the manager everyone wants to work for, instill values that show employees you care.


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This book aggregates a plethora of tips and techniques believed - sometimes on the basis of solid research - to boost employee loyalty and organizational productivity. Managers need to learn tactics that will bind employees to them personally and to their companies. Author Nancy S. Ahlrichs earnestly believes in the thesis that it is important to be a manager whom employees would chose to work for, that is, a manager of choice. Her advice ranges from quite helpful to self-evident to sort of impractical. For the greatest utility, be a choosy reader: adapt her counsel to your situation. getAbstract suggests reading this through and then keeping it handy and dipping into it from time to time, as if it were a book of proverbs.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to become a manager of choice;
  • How to attract and retain the best employees; and
  • How to provide flextime and mentoring.


The Best Managers
Superior managers are "managers of choice," those rare leaders for whom people really want to work. Such managers hire good people, coach them and help them develop in every way possible. Employees then reciprocate by doing their utmost. When managers of choice...
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About the Author

Nancy S. Ahlrichs is a columnist, guest speaker and consultant. She is the author of Competing for Talent. This book is co-published with the Society for Human Resource Management.

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