Summary of Managing Conflict at Work

Understanding and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationships

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Managing Conflict at Work book summary
To resolve office disputes, use the same techniques diplomats apply to global disagreements.


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Office disagreements that become prolonged disputes can be frustrating to resolve and can cause your firm’s productivity and profitability to suffer. Mediation sessions can last for hours or days. During these sessions, participants may attack each other, curse the mediator or act in other unpleasant ways. Conflict resolution specialists can apply alternative dispute resolution methods to settle disagreements that might otherwise move to the courtroom. Mediators Clive Johnson and Jackie Keddy comprehensively detail the best practices for conflict management and resolution and provide knowledgeable advice about putting these concepts to work. getAbstract recommends their tactics to HR managers, front-line managers and others who must squash office squabbles before they turn into protracted battles.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How workplace disputes harm organizations,
  • Why firms should develop and implement conflict management (CM) programs, and
  • What primary goals CM programs should try to achieve.


Conflict Is Everywhere
Discord can arise anywhere, including in offices across the globe. Workplace conflict is an enormous drag on productivity and profitability. Organizations in the United Kingdom spend almost ₤40 billion [approximately more than $60 billion] annually to resolve clashes...
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About the Authors

Business consultant, trainer and coach Clive Johnson and consultant and mediator Jackie Keddy are the co-founders of the International Conflict Management Forum and The Janus Partnership.

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