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Many people mistakenly assume that workplaces where Generation Xers and Yers bump up against baby boomers are bubbling cauldrons of resentment and angst. After all, aging boomers (the old guard) are on their way out. Gen XYers (the young whippersnappers) are taking over. However, leadership coach Casey Hawley’s extensive research indicates otherwise. Hawley reports that Gen XYers genuinely like boomers and vice versa. At the same time, the two generations are considerably different in their attitudes, work styles and tactics. Hawley explains how Gen XYers can close the generation gap to promote workplace efficiency and harmony. getAbstract recommends Hawley’s intelligent precepts and savvy advice to Gen XY managers who supervise a workforce of baby boomers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Generation Xers and Generation Yers differ from baby boomers;
  • What seven factors differentiate boomers from Gen XYers; and
  • How Gen XYers who manage boomers can close the gaps.

About the Author

Casey Hawley is a leadership development coach who specializes in young professionals. She often works with Fortune 500 companies and has written many books on management.



The Changing of the Guard
The highly publicized business reign of the baby boomers is coming to an end as the boomers reach retirement age. More and more Generation X (those born between 1966 and 1977) and early Generation Y (those born between 1978 and 1995) executives now manage boomers...

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    Williams Gail J 3 years ago
    This book was informative and accurate. I had to laugh out loud a couple of times in putting my people in these groups and comparing. It is true with the work ethics and communication. The boomers are the rock and the XYers are so technology savvy. I had to laugh at a boomer last week pulled out a phone book. The XYers had it googled and I had dialed before the boomer found the phone number in the phone book.
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    Singer Cynthia K 3 years ago
    When the child becomes the parent figure is always difficult in family dynamics but even more so in the workplace. Many baby boomers are in management positions leading those of their children's ages which seems to be balanced but flip the picture with newer generations leading those their parents ages and there can be fissures that are perilous. A guidebook of sorts that cane help these new leaders realize that though there are differences in basic philosophies, there can be a meeting of the minds when it comes achieving goals.

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