Summary of Navigating Change for International NGOs

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Navigating Change for International NGOs book summary
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How can a big, international, nongovernmental organization (NGO) successfully implement change? Adding to their book, Building a Better International NGO, international development experts James Crowley and Morgana Ryan detail the “content, context and approach” that NGO managers must balance when undertaking a change process. They address the “art and science of complex organizational change,” and map out how leaders can meet the needs of an NGO’s structure, resources and positioning. They detail how to work with donors, possible private-sector collaborators, and multiple offices in countries with varied political, economic and social structures. They offer useful tables and figures to flesh out their concepts and provide directions for implementation. Though this manual is chock-full of theoretical detail about change, these resources reward a close reading. Readers may benefit from taking a detailed look at the table of contents and choosing to read NGO-specific chapters in the order that works for them. While the authors offer guidance to NGOs with multiple offices worldwide, the insights here are also relevant to smaller NGOs which are evaluating their growth potential. getAbstract recommends this very specific text to managers and program officers at large international NGOs, who may find it worth sharing with board members or donors.

In this book, you will learn

  • Why an international NGO may opt for a change process,
  • How an NGO can function as a “high-performance organization” and
  • What practical steps your NGO can implement to enact change.

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About the Author

Business adviser James Crowley and management consultant Morgana Ryan have extensive experience in the private and “international development sectors,” including involvement with Accenture Development Partnerships. They also co-wrote Building a Better International NGO.


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