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In conference rooms around the globe, a daily ritual takes place: the meeting – the primary workhorse for getting things done in every business and organization. Yet traditional meetings can suck energy out of the room, creative juices out of the participants and time right off the clock. Management consultant Martin Murphy offers an alternative to mind-numbing meetings: “workflow management sessions.” As he brags on page one: “I can walk into any conference room cold and lead it in a manner that gets more done in a shorter period of time than anyone in the room has ever experienced.” If this provokes your interest, getAbstract suggests giving Murphy’s system a try to see how much is applicable to your firm, or, at least, having a meeting to discuss it.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why meetings don’t work,
  • What components comprise the “workflow management system” and
  • How to use this system to make meetings productive.

About the Author

Management consultant Martin Murphy founded and leads QuantumMeetings.



From Meetings to “Workflow Management”
Most firms handle their day-to-day business during meetings. Traditional meetings can be time consuming and unproductive. Digital conferencing doesn’t reduce the number of unproductive meetings; it just puts them on new platforms. As the complexity...

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    Karishma Samtani 1 year ago
    #30DaysofSummaries I found this quite helpful, and am looking to implement these in our meetings moving forward to see how much of it really works, and how receptive are people. I notice a lot of meetings have no direction, or digress very easily
  • Avatar
    joy wang 1 year ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries I think it is an operative instruction, and will help people carry efficient meetings.
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    Ashish Agarwal 1 year ago
    I think meetings need to be seen as a tool used by teams to achieve a common objective; and, teams go through the stages of synergizing - forming, storming, norming, performing etc.; and then there are several uncontrollable external stimuli that continuously affect the team dynamics; all of which eventually decides the amount of work that gets accomplished in any given meeting.

    Is it a leader then or the team?

    Should/Could one walk out of a meeting that is not getting enough done, or quickly understand their role and participate accordingly?
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    Dee Brown 4 years ago
    Anyone in a corporate environment that has meetings that don't work should review this book. A great tool for the Training Department to roll out in a company that will change how problems are solved and new processes are developed.
  • Avatar
    Sebolai David Kheswa 4 years ago
    Good indeed.
  • Avatar
    Shivanand Yerva 4 years ago
    Some great tips to conduct Meetings without wasting time.
  • Avatar
    Sylvia Namusoke Genza 4 years ago
    Awesome tips
  • Avatar
    Nancy Linardi 4 years ago
    Very Interesting!
  • Avatar
    Saya Hino 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Alexa Hayabusa 4 years ago
    great :D
  • Avatar
    Abayomi Sunkanmi 4 years ago
    Fantastic summaries here!
  • Avatar
    RASHEED ALOSAIMI 4 years ago
    reading ongoing ......
  • Avatar
    Clarice Tucker 4 years ago
    Great summary; great tips.
  • Avatar
    Drew Preston 4 years ago
    Good read
  • Avatar
    Tim Allee 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Riley Burczynski 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    David Lin 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Wojhun Jack 4 years ago
  • Avatar
    Allen Hills 5 years ago
  • Avatar
    Effrosyni Fygka 5 years ago
    I would like to be better informed about the techniques he is using, so as to see whether I am interested to read it,

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