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Results That Last book summary
You have a definitive logo. Your company’s materials all look the same. Isn’t it time you standardized your leadership?


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Organizations spend millions of dollars to create perfect logos. They hire expensive firms to design their letterheads, product literature and other collateral materials. Everything must meet exacting specifications. Some even develop their own special corporate colors. But when it comes to leadership and management, many organizations adopt a remarkably casual, even lackadaisical, approach. If there are 900 managers in an organization, it may house 900 different managerial and leadership styles. Management expert Quint Studer can help you standardize your organization’s leadership approach. Often, otherwise tightly buttoned-down corporate organizations standardize everything that they can – except their own leadership methods. getAbstract reports that this book will show you how to accomplish this important objective.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to develop “evidence-based leadership”;
  • How the “DESK” approach works;
  • What “rounding” is and how you can use it to lead others;
  • How to “manage up”; and
  • How to motivate employees.


“Key Tactics”
Your products, services or individual executives don’t make your organization a winner. That triumph comes from the quality of your long-term “evidence-based leadership” (EBL). Good leaders base their actions on best practices, that is, proven methods and strategies. EBL ...
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About the Author

Quint Studer is the founder of a health-care consulting firm that helps organizations achieve service and operational excellence.

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