Summary of Seizing the White Space

Business Model Innovation for Transformative Growth and Renewal

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Seizing the White Space book summary
Hitch your company’s wagon to a fresh business model and head out into a new “white space.”


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Mark W. Johnson must be a terrific consultant. His tidy new book unfolds in a masterful, controlled way, shifting elegantly from practical knowledge to business analysis to case studies of how “business model innovation” has recast such companies as Whole Foods and Apple. The reader feels both pushed by Johnson’s thinking and supported by his clear logic. Johnson posits that to exploit growth opportunities companies often must innovate away from their core capabilities – or, as he frames it, venture into the “white space.” To help companies take this leap, he describes a useful “four-box” framework for understanding business models and provides step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing a fresh one for your firm. getAbstract highly recommends this thoughtful, comprehensive look at business model innovation to general managers, entrepreneurs and strategists.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to understand your company’s operations by analyzing its “four-box” framework
  • How to push your organization to grow and innovate with a business model that fulfills an important “job-to-be-done” for customers
  • How to design and implement a new business model


Shifting Away from the Core
A company’s “core operating space” encompasses all its activities that create value for customers and thus generate profits. These efforts range from managing resources to developing products to increasing “efficiencies.” Knowing your company’s strengths and...
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About the Author

Mark W. Johnson, co-founder and chairman of Innosight, has consulted globally in a wide range of industries, recently focusing on business model innovation.

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