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Superstars vs. Rock Stars summary
Undervaluing the steady, hardest-working people on your team could be holding it back.


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In this enlightening talk, management coach Kim Scott candidly broaches the topic of building high-performing teams. She doesn’t shy away from identifying her personal management missteps when dispensing advice. Scott identifies four key actions and elaborates on three, passing the baton to her colleague Russ Laraway to explain the fourth in a separate, complementary lecture. getAbstract suggests that managers and hiring personnel will find strategies to optimize any team in this pair of information-packed, savvy presentations.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How undervaluing certain people on your team may be holding it back,
  • Why you should stop assessing potential and instead judge “growth trajectory,” and
  • What four actions will help you build a high-achieving team.


To build a high-achieving team, recognize your “superstars” and “rock stars” and understand their distinct needs. Superstars spark change and growth. Rock stars are reliable top performers who shy away from leadership roles yet provide...
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About the Speaker

Entrepreneur and management coach Kim Scott is the author of Radical Candor.

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