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What To Do When You're Suddenly In Charge

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The Accidental Leader book summary
Say your boss drops dead (he should live and be well), are you ready to run the place? (Your mother would be so proud.)


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Say the boss drops dead and suddenly you’re the acting boss. Or the company reorganizes, everyone above you is fired and guess who’s in charge. Imagine that your career suddenly becomes one of those movies where the plane starts to go down and some poor, benighted sap finds himself in the pilot’s chair trying to land a 747 on a stormy night on what is either a landing strip or just a long, broad swath of plankton in the water. Can you land it? What do you do? You’re responsible. Suddenly people look at you in a different way. Your friends no longer completely trust you, your enemies are working actively to undercut you and your ability to come to terms with accidental leadership will make or break your career. has a solution: this book. It is full of little motivational tips, kind words and straight talk covering everything from managing complex and difficult teams to firing people (tip: avoid Christmas Eve). The book is thin, a quick read and a good one.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What to do if your boss gets hit by a bus and you have to run the place; and
  • How to do it, including useful tips and techniques to tide you over.


Are You Ready?
Anyone can become an accidental leader. The boss gets fired, keels over or gets assigned to Omaha or Osaka, and someone who never expected to be on top is suddenly on top. That could be you, so before you rejoice, remember that a few complications mar what might otherwise...
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About the Authors

Harvey Robbins is a psychologist, business consultant, trainer and author. Michael Finley is a prolific author and journalist who is well known for his writing on technology. Robbins and Finlay co-wrote the best-seller, Why Teams Don’t Work, which won the Booz-Allen & Hamilton Global Business Book Award in 1995.

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