Summary of The Age of Speed

A New Perspective for Thriving in a More-Faster-Now World

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The Age of Speed book summary
OK, so the world is speeding up. That’s really not a bad thing – as long as you’re speeding up, too.


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The Age of Speed is a curious but pleasant little book and – surprise! – a fast, easy read. Author Vince Poscente believes the increasing pace of contemporary life is a blessing, not a handicap. A former competitive skier who clearly values speed, he gracefully moves from point to point. He warns of the dangers of clinging to quaint, old-fashioned notions. He offers new emotional and psychological perspectives that will help you understand how to thrive in a galloping world. But the book is short on practical tips for actually embracing speed, eliminating drag or, most of all, concluding that your current approach to speed is less than useful. getAbstract recommends it to flexible thinkers seeking a better handle on current and emerging social trends, and on life’s accelerating pace. However, you may also need a deep understanding of change management to get the most from Poscente’s wisdom.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why speed is good;
  • How to adapt to the pace of contemporary life; and
  • Why choosing speed will benefit you.


Speed! More Speed!
In a world of constant acceleration and shifting priorities, speed is more important than ever. Speed transforms every aspect of life – not just business and technology. Society wants speed. People have little tolerance for waiting or for anything being slower than absolutely...
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About the Author

Vince Poscente, a former Olympic skier, is a business consultant and speaker.

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