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The Demolition of Workers’ Comp summary
Big business, insurance companies and certain US states are making drastic changes to workers’ compensation laws.


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Employers are responsible for the safety and well-being of the people working for them. Lately, however, employers have been lobbying states to relax laws related to workplace accidents and injuries. Journalists Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes discuss the plight of injured workers in the absence of adequate workers’ compensation. getAbstract recommends this article to policy makers, worker advocates and human resource professionals.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How workers’ compensation benefits are changing,
  • How the new workers’ compensation system affects workers and
  • Why outside medical reviewers are often pro-employer.


In recent years, many US states have revised their workers’ compensation laws. Before this reform, employers were required to adequately compensate employees injured at work until they recovered. In return, employees traded their right to sue employers. The recent revision to workers’ compensation, ...
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About the Authors

Michael Grabell covers economic and labor issues for ProPublica, and has previously reported on temp agencies, the stimulus and the TSA. Howard Berkes is a correspondent for the NPR Investigations Unit and has reported on coal-mine and workplace safety.

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