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The Effective Executive book summary
Executives’ positions conspire against their effectiveness. Peter Drucker says to fix this problem with five new habits.


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As an author and an intellectual, the late Peter F. Drucker was a true business sage. Recognized as the father of modern management, Drucker forecast numerous pivotal trends, including decentralization, privatization and the development of the information society. He introduced the concept of the “knowledge worker,” a term he employs widely in this fascinating book. Each Drucker book is a genuine business classic, including this one. He delves into detail about what managers should accomplish and how they should conceptualize their role. getAbstract believes it will help you think productively about what you do. No one writes more intelligently or presciently on management and its functions than Drucker. All executives, even those who are already effective, will benefit from reading this informative, enlightening book.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why an executive must be effective
  • What five habits you should develop to become a more productive manager
  • Why society depends on successful organizations and the executives who make them so


You Can Teach Yourself to Become Effective
You cannot manage others if you cannot manage yourself. For the executive – the ultimate “knowledge worker” – this means managing your own effectiveness. This is not a complicated task. It involves adopting a few specific practices and five pivotal...
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About the Author

Peter F. Drucker was a management consultant and writer. His 39 books and numerous articles discuss how humans organize themselves in business, government and the nonprofit arena. Drucker died in 2005.

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    Daniel Melendrez 5 months ago
    Great read for a developing executive!
  • Avatar
    Patrick Brigger 7 months ago
    Even after 10 years of publication, an outstanding read!
  • Avatar
    Lars Viebrock 10 months ago
    Definitely one of the most important books for leaders, ever to hit the shelves.
  • Avatar
    Antonio Abreu 1 year ago
    An excellent summary for executive success! Thank you.
  • Avatar
    Henri Tarpila 1 year ago
    Excellent summary of a great book!
  • Avatar
    Rudi Janse van Rensburg 2 years ago
    Excellent Read

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