Summary of The First-Time Manager

The First Step to a Brilliant Management Career

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The First-Time Manager book summary
Just been promoted? Congratulations! But bone up on management basics (written and tacit) if you want to be a great boss.


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If you’re about to become a manager for the first time and aren’t really sure what you’re getting into, author Michael Morris’ book is required reading. It provides a wealth of information and insight into your new job. Likewise, if you are a first-time manager and you’re floundering a bit, read this to see how to turn your new career around and become successful. also recommends it to anyone who is considering an executive career. Here’s a sneak peak into what you can expect as a member of management.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to make the transition into your new managerial role;
  • How to use six techniques for interacting with your boss;
  • What five skills every new manager needs; and
  • Why you need certain strengths in specific managerial roles.


You’ve Been Promoted! Congratulations (Maybe)
As soon as you hear that you’ve been promoted to a managerial position, bone up on the difference between being an employee and being a boss. To make a smooth transition, you must understand that: You are no longer responsible only...
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About the Author

Michael Morris is a columnist for Better Business magazine and the author of Starting a Successful Business. An authority on management and other business issues, he consults with small companies, teaches college business courses and writes for business schools.

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