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Corporate culture clearly divides the workforce into the haves and have-nots. Managers, the haves, set the rules and rule over the have-nots or peons. A few hundred years ago, peons tilled land they did not own, and got paid with enough of the crop they raised to feed themselves. Since even today peons are the ones who actually do all the work, a manager’s success depends on the peons’ support. What’s the best way to enlist the support of the peons who work for you? Ask a peon! That’s the straightforward premise of this book, which delivers what it promises. Author Dave Haynes offers advice to management straight from those uniform Dilbertesque cubicles - and management should listen. To motivate workers, demonstrate integrity, avoid being two-faced and treat your peons as equals. Even better, roll up your sleeves occasionally and work alongside them. They’ll love you for it. highly recommends this book to managers at all levels. What it lacks in trendy consultant-speak and analysis, it more than makes up for in blue-collar denim truth.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How workers want their managers to treat them; and
  • How to manage entry-level or lower-level employees.

About the Author

Dave Haynes is a self-professed peon and, as such, he’s not ashamed if his resume seems a little on the lightweight side. Indeed, that proves that he is a true peon, and proud of it! He has worked as a lifeguard, a telemarketer, a "pool guy," a school bus driver and a salesperson.



Get TrustworthyOriginally a peon was an individual in a certain class of people who lacked land, money, power and virtually any control over what happened in their lives. Being a peon has never been fun. Many people in today’s workplace feel like peons or, at least, have that state of mind. You might...

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