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Diagnostic Mentoring to Manage Organizations and People for Superior Performance in Turbulent Times

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The Performance Triangle book summary
Self-help for CEOs: how companies can learn to adapt, make better decisions and exercise agility.


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This “Performance Triangle” text is a tool, manual and guide. Swiss management consultant Lukas Michel bases it on data from his extensive study of organizations over the course of his 30-year career. He understands that modern companies must adapt, make better decisions and exercise agility in a system that centers on people. His triangle shows how strong organizations structure themselves. Michel offers a “leadership scorecard” and an organizational diagnostic plus warnings, suggestions and ideas for building a powerful framework for organizational success. Instead of reading it cover to cover, you might carry out the diagnostic on page 18, identify your priorities and turn to the specific sections offering insights into those areas. Michel avoids giving tips or prescribing a “to-do” list, but he shows you how to develop solutions using his “diagnostic self-mentoring” tool for thoughtful executives. getAbstract recommends Michel’s ambitious, demanding book to determined leaders seeking insight into what elements of their operations require attention.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How knowledge, agility and creativity build organizational performance and success;
  • How the “Performance Triangle” diagram can help you diagnose those crucial elements in your organization; and
  • How to find and eradicate the “viruses” that make your operations bureaucratic.


The “Performance Triangle”
The Performance Triangle is a tool that can help you deepen the connection that the people in your workforce feel with your organization. By drawing a triangle, you can see how your “culture, leadership and systems” relate to your employees’ “collaboration, purpose...
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About the Author

Swiss management consultant Lukas Michel founded Agility Insights AG, in 2002.

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    Lukas Michel 12 months ago
    Here is the free online Agile Management Score diagnostic tool for the book:
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    Gustaf Gundmark 12 months ago
    Some excellent take-aways. Curious to read more!

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