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The Smartest Places on Earth book summary
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Residents can transform languishing rust belt towns into thriving hubs of innovation, according to authors Antoine van Agtmael and Fred Bakker. They depict communities worn down by economic decline that reinvent and revive themselves as “brainbelts.” Community leaders and those who provide adjunct services – attorneys, cultural resources, designers, marketers and investors – will appreciate this text. Inquisitive readers should flip back to the “notes” section, where the authors include data and background material on the brainbelt towns they investigated, Dresden, German; Akron, Ohio, and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. getAbstract suggests this insightful guide to anyone who sees the productivity of engaging in the “multidisciplinary sharing of brainpower,” including entrepreneurs, inventors, higher education administrators, local government officials, and managers of established and start-up companies.

In this book, you will learn

  • How failing rust belt towns can become revived “brainbelt” towns instead,
  • What types of collaboration yield successful innovation and revitalization, and
  • What stakeholders should consider before embarking on a brainsharing project.

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