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We Do Things Differently book summary
Meet the vital outlier innovators who are actively upending the world’s decrepit systems.


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Remarkable trailblazers around the globe are brimming with unconventional ideas and the gutsy pragmatism to carry them out. And upbeat futurist Mark Stevenson should know. He’s traveled the world meeting some of the most inspiring and drawing out their innovative passions. His diverse selection includes democracy-building Brazilian ex-revolutionaries, an engineer moved by brotherly love to upend the system for discovering medications, and intrepid urban agriculturists turning Detroit’s cityscape green. No pipe-dreamers, all the innovators here understand the enormity of the tasks facing them. Stevenson describes global problems that he believes could engulf humankind without the urgent intervention of such brilliant “outsiders.” getAbstract recommends his stirring examples to leaders, mavericks and all ardent doers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How pragmatic innovators disrupt entrenched systems and spark renewal,
  • Why the world needs original thinkers and their practical actions, and
  • How some public-spirited innovators succeeded even though they were outsiders.


Fixing Broken Systems
Many people have novel ideas, but only a few take action on them. Real innovators see dysfunctional systems – in food production, energy, health care, education, politics, and more – and devise practical fixes, not in the future but now. They resist standard narratives...
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About the Author

Mark Stevenson is a London-based futurist, writer and entrepreneur. He founded The League of Pragmatic Optimists and advises organizations such as Civilized Bank and Virgin Earth Challenge about the future. He also wrote An Optimist’s Tour of the Future.

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