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Leading with Character

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Leading with Character

Stories of Valor and Virtue and the Principles They Teach

Information Age Publishing,

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Inspiring examples of exceptional, transformational leaders and their most important qualities.

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The literature of leadership would fill a rather crowded library, but no one can learn how to be a great leader by simply reading about it. But since almost every organization has a strong need for leadership, reading about it may be a start. John Sosik studies how really great leaders succeed in the face of adversity, and he does an excellent job of categorizing the most important qualities leaders must have. A few of his 25 profiles of exceptional leaders lack the specificity needed to be truly instructive. Overall, however, getAbstract finds that while this book may not teach you how to be a great leader, it may inspire you to become one.


A Leadership Crisis

Two out of every three Americans think their country is in the midst of a leadership crisis, according to a 2005 Harvard University study. Moreover, respondents indicate that most leaders lack key qualities across the board, including integrity, honesty, skills, knowledge and the ability to inspire others. The results applied to government officials, politicians, business leaders, religious leaders, local leaders and state leaders.

Look no further than Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, Tyco and other organizations to see the devastating, even tragic, consequences of poor leadership. For example, a recent Gallup Poll found that 55% of those in the workforce don't like their work, and aren't engaged or motivated by their leaders. Another 17% hate their jobs. In many other countries, the lack of motivation is even worse. Today's business world misses having "transformational leaders of character," who can build the right cultures, motivate others and lead organizations through periods of intense change.

"Authentic Transformational Leadership"

Think of the people who have been a big influence on your life. Who really made a difference? ...

About the Author

Dr. John J. Sosik is a professor at Pennsylvania State University, where he heads the Master of Leadership Development program, and teaches behavioral science and leadership. He co-authored The Dream Weavers: Strategy-Focused Leadership in Technology-Driven Organizations.

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