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Learning Everywhere

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Learning Everywhere

How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training


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Learning professionals can plan and create mobile content to teach a wide range of new skills.

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Mobile learning production master and teacher Chad Udell takes a fresh look at how to develop mobile content for learning. He introduces a complex technological vocabulary and tells learning officers precisely how to master it. Udell is a down-to-earth, easy-to-read writer who clarifies the necessary insider terms and topics in this how-to manual for planning and producing learning and development materials for the demanding, ever-changing mobile universe. getAbstract salutes this clear, simple explanation of a complex topic and recommends Udell’s handbook to all learning and development professionals. This outstanding book on planning and producing L&D materials for mobile devices will help you establish mobile learning for your firm.


Going Mobile

Setting up a mobile learning and development (L&D) pilot program can be daunting and demanding. However, mobile L&D offers a great number of benefits. It can help you improve “productivity, sales, accuracy, connectivity, attention to detail, safety and return on investment (ROI)” while also decreasing “mistakes, defects, accidents, risk and cost of learning.”

The most effective mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – are portable, powerful computers with a dazzling array of features available 24 hours a day. Smartphones and tablets provide users – including your employees and customers – with access to an almost infinite range of data delivery and communication options. Given smartphones’ technological sophistication, computing power, available applications and simple user interface, learning professionals can instantly put the “right information in the right hands of the right person at the right time.”

Mobile learning applications let you provide “curated content” when and where your employees need it. Curated content is material – either pre-existing or purpose-built – that you select for specific purposes, situations and employees...

About the Author

Chad Udell is managing director of Float Mobile Learning and a faculty member at Bradley University.

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    A. 5 years ago
    Although the book is from 2012 it still provides ideas how to roll out a mobile learning project properly. But I doubt that ASTD forecasts back then are accurate
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    A. 10 years ago
    Great and truthfull thing is that new technology provides us learning with moving,but unfortunately,most of people using them just for fun.
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    O. A. 10 years ago
    I meant "our lives practically......."

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