Legacy in the Making

Legacy in the Making

Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World

McGraw-Hill, 2018




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Business consultants Mark Miller and Lucas Conley propose a paradigm shift in the way you can create a lasting legacy for your organization. Drawing on research from Team One at their Legacy Lab, the authors modernize and energize traditional corporate legacy building. They breathe new life into legacy theory by directing passion and ambition toward building the right culture founded on employee involvement. They explain how innovative marketing can help revitalize your brand’s legacy. They advocate breaking from the past and looking to the future, blending old ways with new ones and rebelling against comfortable norms to embrace unfamiliar, unconventional paths. The authors provide inspiring testimonials and high-end graphics to support their message that legacy building should be an invigorating, long-lasting and inclusive effort.


Legacy Is No Longer Set in Concrete

Modern marketers should set out to build a self-perpetuating, enduring enterprise. They can help their company evolve and “transmit the brand forward” rather than allowing it to remain mired in the past. Unlike traditional legacy builders who set their brands in concrete and then let them gather dust, up-and-coming legacy builders use “dynamic” and “visionary” brand-building tactics to further their personal and corporate ambitions. These ambitions form the cornerstone of their legacy. Building a modern legacy organization means helping your enterprise evolve and live through to the next generation and beyond.

Five Transformations

Team One from the Legacy Lab identifies “five far-reaching transformations” that are important in building an “enduring brand”:

1. “From Following Institutional Practices to Leading with Personal Ambitions.”

Modern legacy leaders transcend old, institutional norms and pursue meaningful projects that encourage individuals to contribute their best efforts based on their personal ambitions. These leaders follow their uniquely personal...

About the Authors

Mark Miller is founder of The Legacy Lab and Chief Strategy Officer at Team One. Former practicing attorney Lucas Conley writes for The Legacy Lab. His other books are OBD: Obsessive Branding Disorder and The Method Method. His work has appeared in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal Magazine and The Boston Globe.

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