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Management theorist Peter Drucker’s vision of the entrepreneurial society is simply a matter of time, says Tammy Erickson, professor of organizational behavior at London Business School. She explains that technological and demographic trends will transform the workforce into a society of free-floating entrepreneurs who invest their skills on an as-needed basis. To prepare your company for this future, getAbstract suggests you check out Erickson’s short speech delivered at the 2016 Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, Austria. 


Peter Drucker, a pioneer in management theory, predicted that business would become a “society of entrepreneurs.” This future is certain. Artificial intelligence will supplant many jobs, and the workforce will move away from standardized roles toward creative ones. The decreasing costs of transactions will lead to smaller organizations and, correspondingly, the rise of the autonomous worker. In an entrepreneurial society, skilled individuals act as single-person enterprises while assuming many risks and responsibilities their employers once bore. These laborers expect meaningful work and flexibility...

About the Speaker

Executive adviser Tammy Erickson is an adjunct professor of organizational behavior at London Business School.

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