Licence to Be Bad
A review of

Licence to Be Bad

How Economics Corrupted Us

Money Shouldn’t Talk

by David Meyer

Economist Jonathan Aldred journeys through the history of economic theory to argue for a more humane, generous and collaborative society.

The director of studies in economics at Emmanuel College, Jonathan Aldred is also a lecturer at the University of Cambridge. His economics expertise and heartfelt belief in a collaborative society – along with his dry sense of humor – shine throughout this individualistic take on economic theory. 

Neoliberal economics has received a great deal of criticism lately, and perhaps deservedly so. But knee-jerk accusations usually prove ill-informed and ideological. Aldred takes another tack by examining how economic theories and mind-sets have gone beyond the dismal science to infiltrate social behavior and attitudes. He highlights the complex relationship between society and often poorly understood economic ideas.

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