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Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life

Jim KwikHay House US • 2020

Small Steps, Big Goals

by David Meyer

Jim Kwik details his recovery from a brain injury and how that inspired him to create how-to methods for developing a positive mind-set, retaining what you read and stilling negative interior voices.

Self-doubt is the biggest obstacle preventing most people from achieving their objectives. Living a life without limits, according to “brain coach” Jim Kwik, means quieting the negative voices in your head that question your competence or intelligence. In this valuable guide to self-improvement, Kwik offers sage advice for transforming your attitude and approach to life. His techniques require practice, but the potential dividends seem worth the time and effort.

Broken Brain

When Jim Kwik was in kindergarten, he fell headfirst into a classroom radiator and suffered a life-altering brain injury. Once energetic and inquisitive, he became withdrawn and developed learning difficulties. An elementary school teacher called him “the boy with the broken brain” – a damaging characterization Kwik consciously embodied throughout high school.

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