Livestreaming Is on the Rise. Here’s What It Means for the Future of E-Commerce

Livestreaming Is on the Rise. Here’s What It Means for the Future of E-Commerce

The pandemic has boosted the adoption of livestreaming among brands and retailers looking to engage more directly with customers. But the addition of shopping features is now transforming livestreaming into a growth engine for e-commerce.

CB Insights, 2021

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The pandemic has changed so many things, with stay-at-home orders and store closures giving retail a run for its money. Brands and companies have been desperate to increase online engagement with customers, and the answer may be livestream video. Influencers on many platforms have long touted the products and services they claim to love, but sometimes the buying experience is clunky, requiring fans to click a link and leave the viewing experience. In this special report, CB Insights explains how livestreaming platforms are streamlining the buying process, making livestream a major source of e-commerce growth.


The future of e-commerce might feature an explosion of livestream videos with product promotions and instant buying options. 

If earnings calls are any indication, livestream shopping has snagged the interest of retail executives. In 2019, earnings calls mentioned livestreaming around 40 times per quarter. In 2020, that number more than doubled.

The pandemic dramatically altered the retail space, leaving companies keen to increase engagement with customers. Livestreaming seemed a great way to do so, but when livestreaming is combined with embedded buying options, it could go a step further...

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