Talent and creativity take many forms. Yet by tradition, companies search for new hires in a limited number of places, such as Ivy League schools. Don’t confuse pedigree with ability, says entrepreneur and talent expert Jason Shen. He suggests three tips for broadening your recruitment practices and building diverse, high-performing teams. getAbstract recommends this perceptive talk to HR professionals, managers and job seekers.


Outdated recruiting and hiring practices can make a company blind to talented, promising applicants. Most people don’t work in the field they trained for in college, according to a 2010 study. Take innovator and entrepreneur Jason Shen, who earned two biology degrees before pursuing a self-taught career in technology. Because his résumé lacked the usual pedigrees and experience, Google and other tech giants turned Shen away. Then Shen applied to Etsy. In preparation, he read Etsy’s IPO filings and built a website to analyze Etsy’s business and pitch four new features. Etsy, he would learn, was already pursuing two of those features and considering a third. Shen got the job. Similarly, take...

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Entrepreneur and talent expert Jason Shen is co-founder of the hiring platform Headlight

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