Love Your Imposter

Love Your Imposter

Be Your Best Self, Flaws and All

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British branding professional Rita Clifton offers business and life advice that she draws from her own exceptional career journey. In this conversational text – part memoir, part self-help book and part branding manual – she discusses how she suffered from imposter syndrome – that constant fear of not being good enough. By exposing her insecurities, disclosing her missteps and sharing hard-won lessons, Clifton hopes others – especially young women – will learn to not let their own self-doubts stop them from entering the fray.


Almost 70% of UK women suffer from imposter syndrome – “feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success” – at work.

Feeling exposed, unprepared or lacking is a common human emotion. Research reveals that around 70% of UK women suffer from imposter syndrome at work, and almost 90% of creatives claim the malady. Clifton chooses to share her feelings and experiences as a female business executive – imposter syndrome and all – because she believes the business world needs honest and empathetic leaders. Studies show that trust in business and institutions is on the decline.

Due to the erosion of public trust, business leaders must communicate the benefits business brings to society. Business leaders face obstacles in conveying this positive message, however, due to expanding income inequality and the hording of wealth by the top few percent of earners. When companies behave badly it creates a negative public perception of business, regardless of carefully crafted PR messages. The business world must become more relatable and humane to generate the wealth needed to fund education, health care and a healthy civil...

About the Author

Co-founder of BrandCap Rita Clifton was a strategy director at Saatchi & Saatchi and the CEO and Chair of the international brand consultancy Interbrand.

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