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How to Rethink Marketing for Tech Products


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 Martina Lauchengco details how to create strong, high-performing teams. 

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Product marketing teams should be strategically leveraging investments to drive businesses toward market success, says Martina Lauchengco, not wasting their time on tasks that reflect common misunderstandings of their role. Lauchengco stresses that product market teams are powerful catalysts of business growth and transformation, and ought to focus on significant activities such as differentiating products and gleaning insights about product/market fit. Lauchengco details the characteristics of highly effective product market teams and why companies must rethink their roles to capitalize on all they can provide.


Product marketing teams often engage in activities that don’t align with their purpose.

Product marketing teams strategically engage in marketing activities that encourage product adoption by shaping market perceptions. These teams must identify the best market to target, the most effective communication channels to utilize – those that align with building product credibility. 

Yet many product marketing teams focus efforts on sales enablements, managing launches and product collateral. These teams aren’t aligned with product marketing’s purpose: strategically leveraging investments to ensure the business can achieve its goals when products reach the marketplace.

To align with their purpose, product marketing teams should embrace these fundamental roles:

  • Ambassador – Product teams must cultivate an understanding of their market and customers, and act as ambassador of those realities. They understand the impact their competitors have on perceptions of their products and regularly monitor third-party content – reviews, social media, data and research – to better chart their customers’ journey...

About the Author

Costanoa Ventures partner Martina Lauchengco is a product marketing partner with SVPG (Silicon Valley Product Group) and a UC Berkeley lecturer in the engineering graduate program.

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