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Made in China 2025 summary
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In 2015, Beijing’s State Council announced a bold goal to mark the Chinese centennial: to make China the world’s leader in manufacturing by 2049. The council’s new plan goes far beyond those set out under the Hu-Wen administration, which focused on so-called strategic emerging industries. The new strategy addresses the whole of Chinese manufacturing – traditional industries, along with advanced industry as well as related services – and the manufacturing process in its entirety. The State Council is calling for expanded reform and “opening up” to stimulate innovation, and outlines an array of initiatives to strengthen China’s industrial capabilities and support aims such as quality improvement, green production and internationalization.

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The Chinese State Council’s planning document represents two and a half years of effort on the part of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and incorporates comments from some 150 experts at the China Academy of Engineering.



Manufacturing plays a central role in China’s economic prosperity, and increasing the global competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing will help China become a world power. Next-generation information technology and new management, design and production methods are transforming manufacturing around the world. Both developed and developing countries are competing more vigorously, and China must act to gain and maintain leadership. At the same time, burgeoning domestic demand is creating opportunities within China. Beijing intends to reinvigorate and strengthen Chinese...

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