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Make Their Day!

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Make Their Day!

Employee Recognition That Works


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Your work is great! You’re the best! Your project shines! There, now, feeling good? Sure. That’s how recognition works.

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Author Cindy Ventrice, a management consultant specializing in employee morale, suggests ways to give recognition, not just rewards, to help employee morale and productivity. While some of her tips may sound familiar to those who have read other books on this subject, she is particularly helpful when she suggests which types of rewards work best, and for which employees. She incorporates psychological motivational theory and suggests measurement tools that will give you feedback on which techniques are most effective. recommends this generally solid book to top executives, managers, HR personnel, workshop leaders and trainers handling employment issues. And, by the way, we really appreciate you. You’re doing swell work. Thanks.


Recognition Matters

Prioritizing employee recognition will do wonders for your staff’s morale and productivity. It will make your job as a manager easier, because employees will put in more effort, from punctuality to precision in their work. Continually think about how to recognize employee achievement. When you delegate a job, praise the employee for past efforts. Thank employees when they do things correctly, such as update you on a project. Tell a group starting a new project how confident you are that they will succeed. Showing ongoing support increases morale, so people will work harder and better. Recognition can "energize and revitalize" everyone in your workplace.

Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz’s annual Fortune magazine report on the "100 Best Companies to Work For" shows the power of recognition. These companies rank high in providing valued recognition and reap tremendous benefits. They generally have 50% less turnover and 15%-25% greater return to investors than other companies in their industries.

What Makes Recognition Work

Commonly, employers think of recognition as bonuses, raises, gift certificates, stocks, prizes, parties and perks...

About the Author

Cindy Ventrice has been a management consultant and workshop leader since 1984. She worked in a wide range of industries, including technology, nonprofit, government, health care, manufacturing, service, trade, education and tourism. She is a frequent public speaker.

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