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This decidedly academic book covers a specific, important part of the political, economic and marketing world. While its demographic information is readily available elsewhere, it provides more unusual material about Islamic markets’ franchising, distribution channels, retailing practices and pricing issues. Editor Marin Marinov and other contributors discuss Muslim legal and cultural norms, which different nations follow to varying degrees. Marketing in this environment is difficult, and Western companies must contend with unfamiliar customs, cultural differences and legal challenges. getAbstract suggests that marketers who want to reach this emerging consumer base should consult this book for solid, basic information about what to expect and what to avoid.


Islam on the Rise

Islam has more than one billion followers worldwide, and the majority live in emerging-market nations. Projections claim that, within 20 years, one-third of the world’s population will be Muslim. Today’s Islamic population lives primarily in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The emerging-market countries with the largest Islamic populations are Turkey and Indonesia. Countries with a population that is 50% to 80% Muslim include Chad, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Moroco, Pakistan, Brunei, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan and Syria. “Sizeable” Muslim populations also live in France, Germany, India, the Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

An increasing number of countries with majority-Islamic populations have adopted Shariah law, which strives to implement Islamic ideals in everyday personal and business life. Those who follow Shariah law are called “fundamentalists,” and they can be radical or moderate. For example, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan follow Shariah law but are considered moderate nations. Islamic law has a major impact on international business, especially in finance and banking. These ...

About the Author

Marin Marinov is professor of marketing and international business at the Business School of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK. He has taught in many countries and has published several books.

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