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Massive Transformative Purpose

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Massive Transformative Purpose

The Guide to Provide Sense to Your Projects and Your Life


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Find your lifelong purpose and create a map to achieve it.

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A grand purpose motivates and fuels passion for many people, including inventor Thomas Edison and teen activist Greta Thunberg. But you don’t have to be a rich or famous figure to make a mark on the world, Ángel María Herrera and Francisco Palao write in their insightful, entertaining guide for truth-seekers. The authors use humor, technological examples and self-growth exercises to help you find and fine tune your grand purpose in life and business.


Every person represents a crucial element of the universe.

Two centuries ago, Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb and made an important contribution to the world. You can illuminate the world too — with your ideas and creativity. Every individual has the potential to make significant contributions. During your lifetime, you will make important offerings to the universe and the environment. 

Humans’ basic needs include food, safety and a sense of purpose, along with a few other fundamental requirements:

  • Good health – A sound physique fuels your spiritual energy.
  • Social connections – A nourishing community includes your friends, partners and family.
  • Self-esteem – This is the condition of loving and esteeming yourself.
  • Meaning – This derives from your sense of purpose and self-realization.

Disruptive technologies – artificial intelligence, big data and biotechnology – fuel exponential growth in world economies.

Everyone on Earth serves a purpose. You are living in an era in which many individuals and organizations...

About the Authors

Award-winning entrepreneur Francisco Palao is the co-author of Exponential Transformation. Ángel María Herrera has launched many companies including Bubok, a platform for self-publishing.

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